martedì 22 gennaio 2008

The Google Generation BL report

The British Library has just published this interesting report (Pdf, 1.67 Mb! Talk about "addressing the digital divide"...). The report was realized by researchers of University College London; it investigates the information behaviour of the so-called "Google Generation". In particular, report authors claim that age-related differences in the use of Web content are rapidly vanishing. Yougsters and gronwups seem equally anxious to find relevant information, and no innovative ways of reading are emerging among the newer generation. In other words, it's true that Web users prefer "power browsing" and avoid in-depth reading; however, they do so not because they are young, but because this way of reading satisfy their needs.

I think that the time has come to acknowledge the facts: yes, sometimes you have to study a discipline in a structured way. Once you have done it, however, a good portion of your time will be devoted to activities which simply don't ask for in-depth reading.

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