mercoledì 8 aprile 2009

Seagulls screaming...

Yesterday I saw for the first time a seagull hunting and killing a pigeon (at 9:00 a.m., in Piazza XX settembre). I had already seen seagulls hunt pigeons, but that was the first time I saw one of them actually managing to catch the prey. The killer was a gabbiano reale, of course (Larus michahellis or argentatus).

Seagulls learned many things in the last few years. And they didn't need language: culture and imitation are enough for the task at hand, it seems.

In Leghorn, I have heard, seagulls hunt pigeons regularly, as in America and elsewhere. I like seagulls, but they can be also rather disquieting presences - as I saw in Inchcolm a couple of years ago.

Anyway, I would like to know what comes next. Pedestrians and cyclists, arguably... Now, if only Alfred Hitchcock could drop by for a quick survey of the location...

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